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Spiritual Coaching

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It is believed that we all have our own spirit guides which have been with us since conception. These guides are here with us to protect us on our journey on this earth plane. Guides can assist us with our spiritual journey and help us to understand our true or inner self. That is the self that that lingers within us prior to the outside influences that have possibly changed our true selves

With the belief of guides also comes the belief that there are negative forces which are often around us. Unlike our spirit guides these can impose on us and bring much negative energies into our existence.

Negative energies can be generated in a number of ways. This includes that which we create ourselves and that which is created by others. The negative energy created by ourselves is often caused through our current state of mind. This can occur as a result of being feeling pressure in our work, family life or simply being in an environment which perpetuates negativity.

We have all experienced this type of negativity especially that which is created by others. How often have you entered a room and have thought to yourself or even commented to others that the air is thick enough to cut with a knife? An old saying indeed but accurate. We often experience the sensation of negativity and we know instinctively if a loved one or close friend is feeling down or unhappy. We also have all experienced the feeling of becoming depressed around those who are feeling unhappy although our own lives are happing and fulfilling. In recent years it has become quite apparent that many of us are feeling the stresses of modern society even though we may feel happy and content within ourselves.

It is apparent that negative energy lives around us and we need to find ways of dispelling it from our everyday lives. For some they use other spiritual techniques such as prayer or meditation to assist them with eliminating it out of their lives.