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Contacting your guides

It is believed that we all have our own spirit guides which have been with us since conception. These guides are here with us to protect us on our journey on this earth plane. They are often referred to as our guardian angel they can protect us against evil influences. Again beliefs in guardian angles are not a new concept and can be traced back in history thousands of years ago. Many guides are contacted through spirit mediums and clairvoyants but anyone on this earth plane has the power and capacity to contact their own guide/s.

Guides can assist us with our spiritual journey and help us to understand our true or inner self. That is the self that that lingers within us prior to the outside influences that have possibly changed our true selves

Firstly we need to begin the process of believing that we can and deserve to become in contact with our spirit guide. We must believe that we are capable of achieving this and to become increasingly aware of that what we say and think will influence our capacity to contact our guides. If you do not believe you can contact your guides it will never happen.

Remember: Thoughts produce action.

The universe does not place any judgements on individuals. If your intention is full of sincerity and love it will be created. You need to believe it and you will see the results. If your motive and intentions are pure you will attract guides. We just need to believe this is so and it will be done.

Be sure that you commence with come form of protection. This can be a short prayer and be sure to ask for protection during your candle magic session. Imagine a bright white light encompassing your room, your home and surrounding yourself. Ask that you only come in contact with spirits from a higher vibration level. There are many spirits that are earth bound.

These are spirits which have not passed on to the higher vibrations. They are often confused and in many cases are quite sinister and evil. Again believe that you will be protected from these negative influences and this will occur.
The following exercise in Candle Burning will assist you to contact your own spirit guide.

Begin by oiling the candle if you desire and commence visualising your desire for to see or hear your guide.
1. To assist with creating material wealth you need to light one white or silver candle. The colour white represents enlightenment of the soul and it is also seen as pure and vibrating at the highest possible level.

2. Be sure you are seated comfortably with no interruptions and clear your mind of any thoughts. To assist in the process you may wish to use some mediation techniques and concentrate on breathing slowly and fully for a few minutes. As you mind becomes clear, focus on the burning candle and begin to try to picture your guide within the flame of the candle.

You may not receive any form within the first few minutes but you may sense a loving presence with you. During this stage you may wish to speak to your guide and ask them any important questions. It is said that your answers may not come to you there and then and an answer may come to you during a dream or even through another person. The key is to remain focussed and become increasingly aware of the signs around you.

You may wish to accompany this session with an affirmation:
a) I am ready to receive information from my guide. I am a loving person who wishes to become increasingly aware.
b) I will make contact with my guide during my dream state to receive information.

If you are frightened or apprehensive about contacting your guide they will not necessarily make contact with you directly. As mentioned earlier you need to become increasingly aware of any signs of your guide communicating with you. Many people say they are ready to see their guide but when questioned what would they do if their guide appeared now they often respond with comments such as:
I would freak out or I would scream. So once again you must believe you can and look at what you are fearing.
If you find it difficult to remain focussed clear your mind again of all thoughts and commence your ritual again. Finally: Continue to focus on the desire as long as you feel is necessary and the time required will vary amongst individuals.