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Past Lives

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How many times have heard someone or yourself saying “that was a bit Déjà vu”?

What exactly does it mean? Déjà vu is simply the sensation that you have been in a particular place or heard something before. Often it is not from this life time experience that you have this déjà vu but the sensation of familiarity is extremely strong. It may be that you are speaking to someone about a particular topic and you feel that you have had the same conversation before.

Quite often people do not know where they have had this previous experience or can even recall it from their conscious mind. This feeling of familiarity is a memory recall from the sub-conscious mind bringing it forward into the conscious. It gives you the sensation that you have been there before as it recalls the emotional memory as well as the thought.

How does this occur?

The world as we know it is greater than the dimensions we are familiar with. There are number of ‘unseen” forces that exist within the universe. Our bodies are merely vehicles which we use to carry our souls on this earth plane in order to learn and experience this life. Our souls contain memories of our previous lives and the experience contained within them. A young child is more likely to recall past life experiences than that of an adult, as they are not influenced by the external world. As the child grows and is exposed to outside influences they begin to lose their recollection of their previous incarnations.

As adults this recollection can be manifested through déjà vu experiences.

Occasionally we come across a situation that is familiar to our souls and we experience this as déjà vu. The recollection may be because it has triggered a past life experience in similar surroundings or with a familiar person.

For some it is an uncomfortable experience because they have no memory of that experience in this life time. Do not concern yourself with this as it is nothing to be frightened of and it is only your sub-conscious mind bringing up those past memories. For some it is an enlightening experience by which they can learn from.