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What is a Channel?

A channel is a many in which answers can be received. In many cases channels are souls which have incarnated many times and therefore are very wise. These individuals or beings are well advanced and attuned to the cosmic.

What Is Channeling?

Channeling is when an entity such as a guardian angel or spirit guides comes through and is borrowing the channel’s body for the purposes of communicating with us.

There is a large group who thinks that it’s simply a heightened level of perception. They say that on a subconscious level the person experiencing frequent telepathic episodes is really just picking up on hundreds of little clues like body language and pupil dilation. They say that the telepath doesn’t realize that they’ve gathered up a bunch of these tiny clues and are actually just coming to a logical prediction as to what the person is about to say or do next. That probably is happening most of the time on an everyday level. We all know someone with that uncanny ability to ’read’ someone, to know what they’re about to say.

However, that doesn’t explain the times when the person you’re ’reading’ isn’t even in the same city as you. How do they explain it then?

Quantum physics is helping us to begin to understand some of the inner workings of such things. The current understanding is that thoughts and feelings have an energy, life force, or frequency wave associated with them. What we’re trying to figure out is how does that energy get picked up by others and correctly interpreted? The basic theory is that our thoughts are like radio waves and our brains have subtle ’receivers’ in them.

Therefore, we subconsciously ’read’ each other all of the time. Wouldn’t that explain why we attract to us those things that we put our focus onto? Like attracts like. Different frequencies keep moving on until they find a like-minded frequency? That would also explain the telepaths ability to ’read’ others. Do they have a supercharged ’receiver’?