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Aura Readings

What are Auras?

Every living thing has an aura around it, which can only be seen in certain conditions and with adequate training. Auras usually appear as a glow encompassing your entire body, but can be separated into smaller elements just like your chakras. When you know what colors relate to certain moods, you are able to tell how somebody else is feeling - without reading their mind !

Seeing a happy couple together will produce an aura between the two that seems to be joined in the middle. This is the energy of their love mixing and merging between them. Likewise, if two friends have had an argument their auras will be thinner than usual when nearby because their energies are focussed on being angry with one another.

Auras are made up of the following auric fields:

How to see an Aura:

Here's two ways you can get started and begin to see an aura.

The first is the simplest, but may not yield results as good as the second method. :

Method 1: The Simple Way
1. Sit facing a neutral backdrop in a relaxed posture.
2. Point your index fingers towards each other so they overlap in front of you.
3. Move your overlapped fingers just above your nose so one of them touches your nose.
4. Focus your sight on the middle of your overlapped fingers.
5. Slowly move your hands away from your face and away from each other, so they gradually move to the left and right of your field of view.
6. If you are doing it right you should see the ends of your fingers joined together in the middle of your field of view. Your eyes should be slightly out of focus and it will look like you are seeing double.
7. Don't focus on your fingers, but on the space around them. You should start to see colours towards the end of your fingertips. Congratulations! This is your aura.

Mathod 2: The Reliable Way
1. Sit facing a neutral backdrop in a relaxed posture.
2. Cover a book in blue, red or green paper.
3. Stand the covered book against your backdrop.
4. Close your eyes, breathe slowly and not too deeply. Focus on how calm you feel.
5. When ready, slowly open your eyes and without focussing (using your eye muscles to squint or stare) gaze upon the area to the right or left of the covered book.
6. After 30-60 seconds a feint color will start to appear around the edges of the book. It will build up over time and become more colourful.
7. Don't look directly at the book or else the aura will dissappear.
8. Once you are finished remove the book and wait for your eyes to re-adjust to the lighting in the room.

Whatever way you practice, make sure you keep at it. Many people try once and give up, which isn't going to do the trick. Several people mistake the afterimage you see when you look at bright lights for an aura - it is not the same ! Auras are more ethereal in nature and look like wisps of smoke around your body.

Now that you know how to start seeing auras, you may want to try the second method on plants, animals and eventually people. Once you have become confident and practiced for a week or two a few minutes each day, this skill will become an invaluable asset. But for now, it's time to find out more - where exactly do these auras come from ?