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Angel Readings

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How to Use your Angels through Angel Readings and Angel Reading Cards

The most common question I get asked is how do I use my Angels? We all can use our Angels, for me personally, when I am off to do the shopping, as I leave home I say “ Angels can I please have a car park” and sure enough it is there waiting for me. Give it a go, what do you have to lose? Remember you can call upon Arch Angel Michael if you need that bit of extra protection or courage, he is a great one when we need more strength. If you are stuck at an airport with delays for a plane with malfunctions, call upon him to help to fix it. If your energy levels are down, ask Arch Angel Raphael to give you some healing & energy. Don’t get so caught up in who is who if you can’t remember the name just say Angels, they know who is needed, and always remember to say “thank you”

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Manifesting with the Angels

As we know they can’t interfere in our lives unless we ask for help. Don’t forget to ask for a car park outside the Bank or school. I know you can manifest with the Angels as I have done it myself, I pictured a different house, car & doing my work full time, I did this in September 2003 and received all 3 by July 2004. All you need to do is take some quite time, picture what you are doing this time next year, where you are living, working, what you look like. Maybe what you are driving, have a go you have nothing to lose. There is a CD called manifesting with the Angels if anyone wants to know more about it just email me. There are also other manifesting CD out there, have a go and remember to say “thank you":.

Some of the Angels

Archangel Michael
Michael means (he who is like God)
Michael is a patron Angel for policeman & fireman. He helps us with courage, direction, energy & vitality.
Michael can also give us motivation, call upon him if you ever need protection or you are very scared. Michael is very handy for fixing electrical & mechanical items. I have had people use Michael to fix a light bulb on an X-ray machine also to bring back information from their Pc after crashing and even down to using him to protecting their child from harm who was out late at night and was in danger, the child was amazed that the gang just walked right past them and didn’t bother them. Ask Michael to protect you house and belongings before you go to sleep.

Archangel Zadkiel
Archangel Zadkiel is a healing angel and works beside Archangel Michael.
He will help us to forgive others & ourselves in situations. If you ask him he can come in and clean your mind, body and heart of unforgiveness. Archangel Zadkiel can also help us with our memory, one good thing he has helped me with is to remember where my car keys are, try him. He is also a great Angel to call in with studies or exams. He can also help you to strengthen your spiritual link with the universe. Anytime that you are feeling upset ask Arch Angel Zadkiel to help and remember to always say thank you.

Archangel Raphael
Arch Angel Raphael whose name means (God heals). If you come down with the flue or cold ask Raphael to help you to recover. Picture emerald green light coming down through the top of your head and down through your body healing you and giving you energy. Fluorite is also a great crystal for colds & flues. Raphael is also great for healing pets & finding lost pets. He also helps us with addictions & cravings, clairvoyance and eyesight. He also helps people travelling in relation to protection & harmony whilst travelling. Just remember to ask, as he can’t help if you don’t ask and always say thank you.

Archangel Raziel
Raziel’s name means Secret of God.
He can also open up to higher levels of psychic abilities & increase your abilities to see, hear, know & feel divine guidance. He can also assist you with manifestations. He is loving, kind & intelligent.