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Welcome to are a team of dedicated advanced Psychic souls that are here to assist in the spiritual development of advancing souls. Harnessed with the knowledge of life's miracles, these Psychics will provide uplifting solutions to life's difficulties with their online psychic readings and furnish your soul with wisdom and happiness.

Through our Psychics' unique understanding of the forces of love, life and happiness we are able to show you the way and give you powerful insights into your life and what is transgressing through it. You will be shocked and amazed at what we will reveal to you during your psychic readings - but you will be better prepared to face the circumstances and situations in your life.

Here's how you can speak with an accurate professional psychic who will ensure your discussion is kept completely confidential. Discuss issues such as money, love, success and happiness.

Our 2 digit psychic line id code is 33. To call one of our gifted psychics, please dial the 900 number if you wish to place the call on your telephone account or dial the Credit card number and then enter 33



Call 1902 215 155 (line 33) To charge the call to your phone account. A$3.50/min. inc. GST.*

Call 1300 135 580 (line 33) To charge the call to your credit card. A$3.50/min. inc. GST.*



Call 1800 5734 203 (line 33) To charge the call to your credit card. US$1.99/min.*


New Zealand:

Call 0900 33 509 (line 33) To charge the call to your phone account. NZ$4.95/min.*

Call 0800 110 253 (line 33) To charge the call to your credit card. NZ$3.50/min.*


*Higher mobile/payphones. Readings for guidance only. Infodial. Prices correct from 20 April 2011.